Cultural Adaptation of a Social-Emotional Curriculum for Young Children

[Speaker] Clinton, Amanda B:1
[Co-author] Fritzhand, Ana:2
1:University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), 2:University of Ss Cyril and Methodius (Macedonia(Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia))

The current paper discusses the development and cultural adaptation of a social-emotional (SEL) skills curriculum across distinct contexts and languages, notably Guatemala, United States, and Macedonia. The "I Can!" program was developed for children from ages 5 years through 12 years. Its content and materials - initially designed in English - were written and organized to allow them to be meaningfully adapted by changing stories, figures and details of actvities while maintaining fundamental concepts recognized as key to SEL skill development, such as problem solving, empathy, and self-regulation. In this presentation, the steps involved in adaptation and the results of the initial pilot implementation in classrooms of 1st grade children in Guatemala and Macedonia will be presented. Recommendations for effective adaptation of SEL programs as well as future research in the area are made.
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