Psychodiagnostic researches of ethnic tolerance peculiarities

[Speaker] Nagashbekova, Marzhan:1
[Co-author] Ospanbayeva, Makhabbat:2, Momynova, Salamat:3, Sarbassova, Venera:3, Alimbayeva, Aiganym:1, Molbassynova, Zhumakul:4, Toxanbayeva, Nurgul:1
1:Kazakh NationalUniversity named after al-Farabi (Kazakhstan), 2:Taraz State Pedagogical Institute (Kazakhstan), 3:Taraz state university named after M.H.Dulaty (Kazakhstan), 4:The university Zhetusy state named after I.Zhansugurov (Kazakhstan)

Nowadays tolerance feature of national mentality of Kazakh people who form the state is considered to be the basis for ensuring the international peace in Kazakhstan. Geographic factor plays a great role in forming of Kazakh tolerance, Kazakhs are the syncretic people that involve various people and states. Some methods of psychodiagnostic studies of Interethnic tolerance and cross-cultural peculiarities were taken: LGPochebit «Intolerance-Tolerance», «Components and types of tolerance and intolerance» methodology, «Tolerance indexes» express-questionnaire was conducted.This study involved 8,000 Kazakhs. Average of three methods: Low figure: 22-60 points - 1000 sample. The figure shows that human intolerance is high. 61-99 points - 1500 responders. This means that each responder has the same levels of tolerance and intolerance features. High figures: 5,500 responders gave answers between 100-132 points. Tolerance feature prevails among members of this group. Tolerance now is explained as "patience", because "endure, suffer, get used, allow".
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