The Effect of Team Unity on Resilience of Athletes

[Speaker] Yamada, Kai:1
1:Hosei university (Japan)

While many athletes consider their team the main unit of competitive activities, few researches approach resilience which affects athletes' success from a team perspective. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of team unity on athletes' resilience. A total of 626 university athletes (average age was 20.08 ± 1.31) from 16 sport types completed a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire comprised the Unity Scale for Sports Teams (USST: Yamada et al., 2013) and the Psychological Resilience Scale for University Athletes (PRSUA: Ueno and Shimizu, 2012). In the results, a positive correlation between the USST scores and the PRSUA scores was found. The USST scores also predicted the PRSUA scores. These results indicate that united teams' members are more resilient, suggesting that increasing team unity may be associated with increasing members' resilience. Therefore, enhancing team unity will be one of an effective intervention aiming to promote athletes' resilience.
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