Relationships between Interpersonal Traits and Behavior Patterns on Twitter

[Speaker] Migiwa, Ifu:1
[Co-author] Hashimoto, Yasuhiro:1, Oshio, Atsushi:1
1:Waseda university (Japan)

Twitter is one of the popular social networking services. Many Japanese youths also use it as a tool of daily communication. The purpose of this study is to examine correlations between interpersonal traits and behavior patterns on Twitter. Participants were 253 Japanese undergraduates (79 males and 165 females). They completed the Japanese version of International Personality Item Pool-Interpersonal Circumplex (IPIP-IPC-J) and the Internet behavior scale (Fuji & Yoshida, 2009). The IPIP-IPC-J consists of 32 items, and assesses interpersonal traits. The Internet behavior scale consists of 9 subscales with a total of 44 items, and assesses behavior patterns on the Internet. Correlation analyses revealed that the dominant interpersonal trait is significantly associated with a self-direction and an addictive-use of the Internet. The warm interpersonal trait significantly correlated with a feeling of belonging, an extension of personal relationships, an offensive behavior, and an immersive-use of the Internet.
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