Development of IQ, EQ and intelligence types of students - future teachers

[Speaker] Mynbayeva, Aigerim:1
[Co-author] Vishnevskaya, Anastassiya:1, Mynbayeva, Sholpan:1
1:Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

Students' intelligence and creativity development are important goals of the current professional education. The implementation of these goals to the educational environment in the university can be done by diagnosing intelligence, creativity development levels for students - future teachers and support of their development. The methods applied for diagnostics were Short Selection Test by V.N.Buzin, A.F.Vanderlik, H.Gardner' test of multiple intelligence, emotional intelligence test. A software application for diagnosing intelligence level was developed and applied to students. 69 students from Al-Farabi KazNU participated in this research. As a result it is identified that the IQ level and the EQ level depends correlatively on each other. Moreover, correlation dependence between the IQ level and the intelligence type is noticed. The majority of respondents (52,2%) has average emotional intelligence level, the rest part (47,8%) has high EQ level. The program of training on the development of intelligence was tested and used.
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