Development of the Difficulty with Trivial Decision-making scale: Its psychometric properties and relationship with emotional variables

[Speaker] Choi, Yi Seul:1
[Co-author] Hwang, Samuel S:1
1:Chonnam national university in South Korea (Korea(Republic of Korea))

We developed a scale to measure the individual differences in difficulty of making trivial decisions and examined its psychometric properties as well as associations with related variables. One-hundred twenty-eight university students (male = 26%) in Korea participated in the initial survey to extract 4 factors (private situations, personal hygiene, social situations and work/study situations) consisting of 23 items. Then 208 (male = 35%) university students completed the same scale along with measures of negative affectivity (i.e., depression and anxiety), emotion regulation strategy, coping behaviors and the maximization tendency. The total and subscale scores of the Difficulty with Trivial Decision-making (DTD) scale were highly reliable and positively correlated. DTD total score was positively correlated with dysfunctional coping behaviors, negative affectivity, maladaptive emotion regulation and maximization score. DTD sale has proven to show in high reliability and validity. Overall, high scores in DTD are associated with negative psychological and emotional variables.
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