Relationships between tenure in the company, job stress, social support, job satisfaction and life satisfaction through comparition with Japan and South Korea office workers

[Speaker] Park, Myunghee:1
[Co-author] Kawata, Yujiro:1,2, Hirosawa, Masataka:1,2, Hwang, Kyudae:3
1:Graduate School of Health and Sports Science, Juntendo University (Japan), 2:School of Health and Sports Science (Japan), 3:Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yuhan University (Korea(Democratic People's Republic of Korea))

This study examines the relationships between tenure in the company, social support, job stress, job satisfaction, and life satisfaction. An internet survey was conducted among 400 office workers in South Korea and 1,018 office workers in Japan. Results revealed that tenure in the company is significantly associated with job stress, social support, job satisfaction, and life satisfaction in both countries. Tenure of less than three years had the lowest scale scores in almost all metrics. In direct proportion to tenure, job security stress decreased in Japan but increased in South Korea, indicating a difference in employment systems between the two countries. Therefore, more attention should be given to the provision of social support for new employees and the establishment of an employment system that considers staff welfare.
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