Factors Affecting Teachers Participation in Cyber Entrepreneurship Education Activities

[Speaker] Yu, Tai-kuei:1
[Co-author] Chao, Cheng-min:2
1:National Quemoy University (Taiwan), 2:National Taichung University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

The purpose of this paper is to develop knowledge about the nature of teacher assessment individual's professional development practice in cyber entrepreneurship education. This paper investigates the issues of cyber entrepreneurship education teaching activities and highlights key concepts. It draws a typology of cyber entrepreneurship education that highlights variables between curriculum renewals and integrated with entrepreneurial knowledge and ability. A questionnaire was administered to the college of business teachers in twelve universities. Results confirm that task factors (pressure of entrepreneurial work, autonomy, length of work experience); personal factors (professional attitudes, prior knowledge, loss of personal accomplishment) and work environment factors (management support, collegial support, web-based learning support) are positively related to participation in entrepreneurial knowledge learning activities, the key success factor of cyber entrepreneurial education in Taiwan. The paper reveals great discrepancies between theory and practice in facilitate teacher's cyber entrepreneurial professional knowledge in work environment.
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