The Impact of Ambidextrous Leadership Behavior on Innovation:Based on the Dual-Core Innovation Model Assumption

[Speaker] Guan, Jianshi:1
[Co-author] Luo, Jinlian:1, Zhong, Jing:1, Zhao, Li:1
1:Tongji University, School of Economics and Management (China (People's Republic of China))

Ambidextrous leadership behavior plays an important role in the construction of organizational ambidexterity. This research used the organizational ambidexterity theory and the ternary interaction theory to examine how ambidextrous leadership behavior effects team innovation performance, combining the dual-core model of innovation. The results of our field study of 52 R&D teams show: (1) Ambidextrous leadership behavior positively influences on team innovation performance and significantly better than each single leadership behavior. (2) Team ambidextrous innovational behavior plays a partial mediating role between ambidextrous leadership behavior and team innovation performance, but the path mechanism of opening leadership and closing leadership on team innovation performance is different. The opening leadership influences team innovation performance through the mediating effect of explorative behavior, while the closing leadership through the mediating effect of exploitative behavior; (3) Members' traditionality and environmental dynamics positively moderate the relationship between ambidextrous leadership and team innovation performance.
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