The Effects of Emotional Experiences on Users'Behaviors in Social Networking Services:An experimental study of Sina microblog

[Speaker] Huang, Lu:1
[Co-author] Wu, Na:1, You, Zhiqi:2, Liu, Guangda:1, Zhou, Zongkui:1
1:Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Hua Zhong Agriculture University (China (People's Republic of China))

To explore the relationship between users' emotional experiences and their usage behaviors in social networking services.27 college students were recruited in this study.Emotional experiences and psychological responses evoked by Sina Microblog were measured. One year later,participates' usage levels in microblog were tracked again.We found positive valence and high level of arousal,since the level of skin conductance and electromyography were significantly increased when participates were visiting Sina microblog than relaxing or in baseline status.Three positive emotional experiences were significantly improved after visiting the microblog.Controlled in the initial level of microblog,participates' emotional experiences evoked by SNSs can predict their usage level of microblog in a years.The positive emotional experiences evoked by SNSs is not only of predictive value to the contemporary usage of the microblog,but also is of significant effects in predicting the usage of the microblog a year later.
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