Effects of propranolol and emotional conditioning on nose-poking operant learning and emotionality of rats

[Speaker] Kawasaki, Katsuyoshi:1
[Co-author] Komori, Satomi:2, Kudo, Hitomi:2, Koyano, Saki:2, Koyama, Takamasa:2
1:Hoshi University (Japan), 2:Japan Women's University (Japan)

Wistar rats were used as subjects. Subjects of shock group were emotionally conditioned with tone (CS) paired with the electric shock given from the floor of a shock box. The subjects of non-shock group were given the same tone without the shock. Six days emotional conditioning was followed by 6 days nose-poking operant learning. Each subject was trained to poke its noses into a hole on the wall of operant chamber for a food pellet within 20 sec. of CS presenting. Propranolol (10mg/kg) was administered to half of respective groups 5 min. before daily training on the day 1-3. Saline was administered to the other half. There was no injection on day 4-6. The results showed that propranolol improved nose-poking operant learning. The effect of emotional conditioning on learning was not clarified. The effect of propranolol on emotionality was tested using elevated plus maze and open field but wasn't clarified.
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