The influence of a central cue on the spatial-numerical association of response codes effect: an event-related potentials study

[Speaker] Liu, Yu:1
[Co-author] Pan, Yun:1, Han, Hong Xiao:1, Luo, Shuang Ye:1, Wang, Heng:1, Wu, Lan Lan:1
1:Guizhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The spatial-numerical association of response codes effect reveals an association between numerical magnitude and lateralized motor responses with faster responses to digits when the reaction side is congruent with the digit position on a mental number line and slower responses in the case of incongruity. We examined the electrophysiological correlates of conflict, which are linked to the facilitation and inhibition of the SNARC effect, to elucidate the relationship between the SNARC effect and visual orienting of attention elicited by a central cue. The congruency of the SNARC effect emerged in the early sensory (N1) component only in valid trials whereas, in the later P3, it occurred only in invalid trials. These results suggest that the SNARC effect is influenced by the orienting of attention, particularly in the early stages, and the orienting of attention contributes to the spatial representation of a task-related path.
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