Consideration of the difficulty for creating mental rotation training program

[Speaker] Oshiyama, Chiaki:1,3
[Co-author] Okabayashi, Satoshi:4,5, Hayashi, Yuta:2, Shimizu, Eiji:1,2,3
1:Research Center for Child Mental Development Chiba University (Japan), 2:Department of Cognitive Behavioral Physiology , Chiba University (Japan), 3:United Graduate School of Child Development , Osaka University (Japan), 4:Bunka-Gakuen University (Japan), 5:Wasada University (Japan)

The function of mental rotation is a cognitive function that rotates mental imagery . Spatial cognition research has shown that spatial abilities are important in many everyday activities and mental rotation has a particular role. Recently, we clarified that Brain regions related with mental rotation task are associated with the cognitive flexibility. It's supposing that to perform the hand of mental rotation task benefit to enhanced brain regions associated with cognitive flexibility. In our experiment, the slope of the reaction time was a positive correlation in all each one trial, but it was a negative correlation in the four trials total, we guessed that mental rotation training effected to enhance the function of mental rotation. And from the result with the reaction time and error rate, we created the ranking of the difficulty. We are planned to make the problem mental rotation training in consideration of the degree of difficulty.
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