A novel technology to measure finger arterial endothelial function and its relationship with anger, anger expression and sense of coherence in Japanese healthy youth

[Speaker] Tanaka, Gohichi:1
[Co-author] Mihara, Kengo:2, Okamura, Hisayoshi:2, Tsuda, Akira:2
1:Sapporo Medical University, Center for Medical Education (Japan), 2:Kurume University (Japan)

Arterial endothelial function has been established as an early marker of the arteriosclerosis. Recently we have developed a novel arterial dilatation ability test (RH-ADA) assessing finger arterial compliance (FCR) with other hemodynamic measures during reactive hyperemia. We examined the relationship of RH-ADA with personality factors in Japanese youth. Healthy young students (22 men and 56 women) were tested by RH-ADA with a number of personality inventories. Increase in FCR of the RH-ADA showed significant partial correlations with the Trait anger, Anger expression-IN of State-Trait Anger eXpression Inventory and Sense of Coherence (r= -.56, -.54, .45 in men and r= -.41, -.36, .30 in women, respectively), adjusting age and pre-hyperemia baseline compliance. In conclusion, RH-ADA shows potential as a simple and easy to use assessment of finger arterial endothelial function. Endothelial function seems to be adversely mediated by chronically enhanced sympathetic activity associated with some personality factors in Japanese youth.
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