Awake/sleep state-dependent neural activities in the songbird premotor nucleus HVC: an investigation by local field potentials.

[Speaker] Shiba, Shintaro:1
[Co-author] Okanoya, Kazuo:1
1:The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Songbirds are popular model animals for neuroethological studies on vocal and auditory processing. In the brain of songbird, the premotor nucleus HVC gets input from higher auditory areas. Some of the HVC neurons are known NOT to respond to auditory stimulus when birds are awake, while they do when sleeping or anesthetized. This difference of activity characteristics between the two states deserves to be investigate further. We recorded the changes of HVC spontaneous neural activity along with the time course, including awakening state and sleeping state, in Java sparrows (Padda oryzivora). By recording local field potentials in HVC by an ultra-light wireless transmitter, we found that the 25-30 Hz component was larger and the 35-40 Hz component was smaller when awakening than when sleeping. We will find out what are the mechanisms that enable the gating of auditory information with the current setup. (Supported by JSPS KAKENHI #26240019)
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