A study of University Students' Relational bullying experience-case study

[Speaker] Ho, Yu-nien:1
[Co-author] Tu, Su-fen:1
1:Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan)

This study is to in-depth understanding the Relational bullying experience of university students, including their perception of causes, emotional journey, coping strategies. The participant is a female student that was a victim of relational bullying when she was in Junior high school. The data was collected by interview and was analyzed using phenomenological analysis. The results found: A) the external strategies: became "invisible" in class and make friends with students who are less sociable in class; while internal strategies was "blaming self" and to rationalize aggressive behavior. B) 9 steps of emotional journeys was experienced; C) the impacts of the bullying included interpersonal isolation and school rejections, pessimistic in thinking, and emotional tension; D) the victim believed that she knew better about being victimized and expect teachers or others to intervene; E) appreciated the bullying event for helping the interpersonal understanding after the narrative interview.
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