Attendance Counseling Therapy (ACT) An Intervention for Absenteeism in Primary School, Plateau State, Nigeria

[Speaker] Momoh, Grace O:1
1:University of Jos (Nigeria)

Attendance Counseling Therapy (ACT) a panacea for Absenteeism in public primary schools in Plateau State, Nigeria. It was an empirical study. The purpose of the study was to find out the effectiveness of the therapy on improving pupils poor school attendance or absenteeism. Experimental design known as Solomon four- group design was used. One hundred and sixty pupils from two schools formed the experimental and control groups. Pre- test and Post-test were conducted on the experimental group 1 and control group 1 while experimental group 2 and control group 2 had no pre-test but Had post-test. The result showed that the Attendance Counseling Therapy(ACT) was effective on improving pupils school attendance. The therapy was recommended for school counselors to use for curbing absenteeism in schools. It was concluded that pupils school attendance should not be taken with levity as this could affect their development emotionally, academically and interpersonal relationship wise.
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