Expert validity of a non-verbal personality assessment

[Speaker] Roos, John Magnus:1
1:University of Gothenburg, Centre for Consumer Science (Sweden)

This paper describes a non-verbal personality assessment that consists of 10 cartoon-like portrayals, one for each factor in the five-factor model of personality and their counterparts. The assessment is co-created with graphic designers at an international top-ranking design and innovation agency, Veryday.

The aim of the present study is to validate the assessment through experts in the field of Psychological Assessment. Twenty-seven experts at the EAPA Conference 2015 evaluated the ability of each portrayal to express the personality factors. On a 5-point Likert scale, varying from "very low" (i.e. 1.00) to "very high" (i.e. 5.00), the mean values are as following:

· Openness: Closed-minded (M=1.99), Open-minded (M=4.24).
· Conscientiousness: Impulsive (M=2.46), Conscientious (M=3.48).
· Agreeableness: Antagonistic (M=1.69), Agreeable (M=4.25).
· Extraversion: Introvert (M=1.77), Extravert (M=4.69).
· Neuroticism: Emotionally stable (M=1.76), Neurotic (M=4.15).

The non-verbal assessment seems to be accurate to measure four of the five factors. The problem is conscientiousness.
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