Discounting Inventory: New Instrument to Measure the Discounting Rate

[Speaker] Malesza, Marta:1
1:University of Warsaw (Poland)

Discounting paradigm refers to the decision making process, and is the decline in the present value of a reward with delay to its receipt. Usually, to evaluate the discounting rate of delayed rewards, participants choose between hypothetical immediate monetary rewards and larger amounts that can be obtained after a specific delay. As it is seen, typical discounting measurement methods are somehow different from the usual forms of psychometric assessment. No matter how evident the face validity may be, we cannot be sure if it assess what we claim and if it is a reliable measure. The subject of the presentation is to introduce a new research method in studies on discounting: 48-item Discounting Inventory. Looking at the psychometric results and factor analysis of data obtained from a group of 2843 subjects, it appears to be a stable and effective measure of discounting with a robust structure and acceptable psychometric properties.
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