Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the PIUQ--an preliminary research

[Speaker] Lin, Mingming:1
1:University of Tokyo (Japan)

This study developed the Japanese version of the Problematic Internet Use Questionnaire (PIUQ) and provided preliminary evidence of its reliability and validity.
Five hundred and eighty seven participants answered an online survey, which contained the Japanese version of the PIUQ and the Japanese version of the Internet Addiction Test (IAT). For the internal consistency, Cronbach's alpha coefficients were .96 for the 18 items full scale of the PIUQ, .93 for the short version of 9 items, and .91 for 6 items. Items-total correlations were .67-.85. The convergent validity was assessed by examining the correlations between the PIUQ and the IAT. Correlations between IAT and the 18 items, 9 items and 6 items of the PIUQ were .83-.87. Results showed that the Japanese version of the PIUQ has adequate internal consistency and convergent validity.
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