The significant positive correlation between the strength of vection (illusory self-motion perception) and sense of immersion

[Speaker] Seno, Takeharu:1
[Co-author] Nagata, Yoshiko:2,3
1:Kyushu University (Japan), 2:Hiroshima Univ. (Japan), 3:COMTEC (Japan)

We examined the relationship between the subjective strength of visually induced self-motion perception, "VECTION" and the degree of sense of immersion of the participants. Sense of immersion could be thought as one aspect of our human personality. A psychological experiment using radially expanding patterns (optic flow pattern) that induced forward vection was conducted, followed by an assessment of the sense of immersion. We obtained latency, duration and magnitude (subjective rating) of vection. Also the participants rated the level of immersion to music, movie and everything by answering simple four questions, e.g. "Do you easily and strongly immerse yourself to music / movies". Also they rated their level of immersion to vection by answering other 18 simple questions. We found that vection strength correlated positively with the degree of the sense of immersion but not with the level of immersion to vection itself.
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