Socio-psychological profile of a person exposed to suicidal behavior

[Speaker] Li, Alexina:1
[Co-author] Kudebayeva, Gulmira:2, Sardarova, Zhannat:3, Aimaganbetova, Olga:4, Naurzalina, Danna:2, Kuldasheva, Nadezhda:3, Nikitenko, Viola:2
1:Turan (Kazakhstan), 2:Turan University (Kazakhstan), 3:Makhambet Utemisov WKSU (Kazakhstan), 4:al-Farabi KazNU (Kazakhstan)

According to the Statistics in 2015, 86 youth committed suicide. In 2014, there were 189 cases of suicide among adolescents. In 2013 this number climbed up to 250 cases.The main reasons might be the Unified National Test, depression and poverty in Kazakhstan.The socio-psychological analysis of suicide in Aktobe shows that among those who committed suicide 71.4% of boys and 28.6% of girls. There is an upward trend in aggressive suicidal methods among girls (42%). An analysis of their social situation shows that 35.5% of victims were from single-parent families where fathers never took a part in upbringing process. One of the main causes of suicidal behavior is proved intra-family conflicts (41.9%). The psychological study of 7561 students, which included MMPI, Lichko's PDO, Spielberg's test and Assessment of Suicidal Risk show a high percentage teens with emotional imbalance (37%). The suicide risk group includes less than 5% of the respondents.
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