Prevalence of personality disorders in patients with bipolar I disorder

[Speaker] Haghighi, Mohammad:1
[Co-author] Rahimi, Alireza:1, Jahangard, Leila:1, Ahmadpanah, Mohammad:1
1:Behavioral disorder and substance abusers, research center, Hamadan University of medical sciences (Iran)

The purpose of this study was to present the frequencies of personality disorders in a sample of bipolar I patients.
Methods: 101 adult patients with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in the manic phase of assessed according DSM-IV after treatment of manic phase by means of Millon clinical multiaxial inventory-3.
Result: the overall frequency of personality disorder was (44.6%). The most common personality disorder cluster was cluster B (32.7%), followed by cluster C (6.9%) and a cluster (1%). Frequency of personality disorder was significantly high in patients with
having family history of psychiatric disorder. The prevalence of cluster B personality
disorder was high in the younger patients and (A + B) personality disorder was high in
the older patients.
Conclusion: the presence of comorbidities in BPD has negative prognostic implications for psychological health and medical well-being. Clinicians should consider the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders in patients.
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