The Mediating Effect of Self-Compassion in the Relationship of Subjective Happiness and Perceived Stress in Young Adults

[Speaker] Baclig, Lorraine Jessica L:1
1:De La Salle University Manila (Philippines)

This study investigated the mediating effect of self-compassion in the relationship between perceived stress and subjective happiness in young adults. Self-compassion involves having self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness in the face of adversity, negative events and perceived inadequacy. Existing research on the associations of self-compassion, subjective happiness and perceived stress are presented. Participants were Filipino young adults, aged 18-35 (N=209, 66% female, 34% male) who answered three tests namely, the Subjective Happiness Scale (SHS), Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) and Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). Results confirmed a significant negative relationship between perceived stress and subjective happiness. Hierarchical multiple regression analysis showed that self-compassion fully mediated the influence of perceived stress on subjective happiness. Implications of the study, directions for future research and limitations are also presented.
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