The experimental study of individual`s accentual character

[Speaker] Zhubanazarova, Nazirash:1
[Co-author] Mandykaeva, Almagul:2, Bekmuratova, Gulzhanar:3, Kunanbaeva, Maira:1, Toxanbayeva, Nurgul:1, Turdaliyeva, Sholpan:4, Abdeyeva, Svetlana:5
1:Kazakh NationalUniversity named after al-Farabi (Kazakhstan), 2:L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan), 3:Kazakh national Pedagogical Univarsity named after Abay (Kazakhstan), 4:Taraz State University M.Kh.Dulaty (Kazakhstan), 5:The university Zhetusy state named after I.Zhansugurov (Kazakhstan)

Accentuation is the specific development of one certain character or feature (by K. Leonhard). Objectives: Studying the literature on accentuation of character and grouping, analyzing the data on their peculiarities, defining their measures and indicators. Methods and methodologies used in research: the questionnaire of studying the accentuation of character. (K.Leonhard); Express diagnostics of individual's system - character relations; Differential diagnostics methodology by V.A. Zhmurov (comparing), Additional sociometry, interview and questioning.Total emp=S1+S2 criteria of correlation coefficient by Rosenbaum - methodology of statistical processing was taken. Qepm=6+5=11; Q on the table of critical values n1=26;n2=28. So the more the difference between selections, then the higher Q values will be produced. In case Qemp>Qcrit. The effectiveness of scientific study depends directly on the clearness, accuracy and target orientation of scientific research prognosis.
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