Character strengths and their relation to Big Five personality traits

[Speaker] Blatny, Marek:1
[Co-author] Jelinek, Martin:1, Kebza, Vladimir:2
1:Institute of Psychology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic), 2:Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management (Czech Republic)

The aim of the study was to explore to what extent and to which personality traits are connected character strengths of gratitude, curiosity, grit and hope. The sample consisted of 161 adults (91 women) aged 46-59 years (m = 50.5, sd = 2.9). To measure character strengths we used Gratitude Questionnaire, The Curiosity and Exploration Inventory II., Grit and Ambition Scale and Adult Hope Scale. Personality traits were assessed by the NEO-FFI. Regression analysis was used to test for unique associations. All four character strengths had different and expected associations with personality traits: gratitude was associated to openness and agreeableness, curiosity was related to openness and extraversion, grit was connected to conscientiousness and hope could be predicted by all five personality traits - emotional stability, extraversion, openness, conscientiousness and low level of agreeableness. Only slight differences between genders were found.
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