A relationship between two kinds of seeking for the violent scene and the sensation

[Speaker] Yoshioka, Hiroko:1
[Co-author] Inoue, Kako:2
1:Meguro School-support Center (Japan), 2:Yokohama National University (Japan)

The present study is aimed at developing the violent-scene seeking scale which is able to measure the behavior of seeking both crucial violent-scenes and rather modest violent scenes with entertaining orientation, and also at comparing the scale thus developed with the sensation seeking scale already published. The developed scale was administrated to 130 undergraduate and graduate students. After the exploratory factor analysis we determined a scale model which consisted of two factors of violent-scene seeking and entertaining-scene seeking with 10 items respectively. The analysis of correlation between each scale of sensation and violent-scene seeking indicated that tendencies to seek violent-scenes were positively related to both tendencies to do joyful thrill and danger and also to gain a feeling of release from a suppressed atmosphere.
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