The public perception of religious people and the existence of non-scientific truth

[Speaker] Arakawa, Ayumu:1
[Co-author] Kobo, Matsushima:2
1:Musashino Art University (Japan), 2:University of Tokyo (Japan)

Although about 70% Japanese don't have any religion, Japanese tend to exhibit religious behaviors. To examine the effect of religion on Japanese behavior, we conducted a questionnaire research. The questionnaire included questions asking beliefs related with scientific truth and non-scientific truth, and public perception on the religious/scientific people, and whether believing specific religion. One hundred undergraduates participated in this research. The results showed that, regardless of whether believing specific religion, people believed that science couldn't find out the truth(F(1,80)=3.992, p<.05). On the other hand, the people thought that religious people were not favorable especially when the answerers didn't have any religion (F(1,80)=5.124, p<.05). Although the results indicate that Japanese tend to pursue the truth which is not explained by science, the negative public perception on the religious people is an obstacle to have a specific religion.
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