Evaluation of temperament profiles in Japanese patients with major depressive disorderand bipolar disorders using TEMPS-A/MPT

[Speaker] Koda, Munenaga:1
[Co-author] Enoki, Hiroyuki:1,2, Kondo, Tsuyoshi:1, Yamamoto, Kazuyoshi:3
1:Graduate School of Medicine, University of the Ryukyus (Japan), 2:Heiwa Hospital (Japan), 3:Yamamoto Clinic (Japan)

Aim: This study aimed to comprehensively clarify temperament profiles of depressive and bipolar disorders in Japanese psychiatric patients.
Method: The brief version of TEMPS-A and MPT for schizoid and melancholic temperaments were administered to 620 control subjects, 313 patients with major depressive disorder, 90 patients with bipolar II disorder and 38 patients with bipolar I disorder. Diagnoses were made according to the DSM-IV-TR.
Results: Higher scores in cyclothymic, depressive and melancholic temperaments were observed in clinical groups than the control. Compared with the control, the MDD group showed the higher score in anxious temperament while the BD I and BD II groups showed the higher score in irritable temperament.
Conclusions: It is suggested that cyclothymic, depressive and melancholic temperaments are common and core features for depressive and bipolar disorders. Anxious temperament may be more attributable to major depressive disorder whereas irritable temperament may be more likely associated with bipolar disorders.
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