An experimental study on interactive process in terms of PAMs: satisfaction of speakers

[Speaker] Noguchi, Chigusa:1
[Co-author] Maiya, Kiyoshi:1
1:Kobe University, Institute for Promotion of Higher Education (Japan)

The micro analysis approach is used in psychotherapy based on the influence of interactive processes between therapists and clients (Prototypical Affective Microsequences, PAMs). Bänninger-Huber (1992) examined the hypothesis that the successful PAM occurs in the successful interaction, while other types of PAMs do not. In Study 1 based on Bänninger-Huber, the experiment was carried out with Japanese students, testing her hypothesis. Twenty one dyads participated in the experiment. Each session consisted of two 5minutes dialogs. The participants talked freely in the first dialog, and in the second dialog one of them spoke his/her sad experience while the other listened. In the result, it was found that the satisfaction in interaction raised when the successful PAM occurred, while the others not. In study 2, findings of study 1 were reexamined using 42 dyads of pair of friends.
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