"No.1" Advertising Is More Effective Than Compartive Advertising

[Speaker] Kai, Erina:1
[Co-author] Ochi, Keita:1

In comparative advertising, one brand is compared to other brands to show its superiority. While studies of comparative ads exist in other countries, their effectiveness is inconclusive. In Japan, comparative ads are much less common than elsewhere. In one of the few studies done to date (Ishibashi & Nakayachi, 1991), comparative ads increased consumers' attention towards ads. They showed that consumers question the ad, which may reduce their positive impression of the brand.
In this study, the author compared 3 ads: "No.1 ads", which state the sponsor products gained No.1 position in preference in the category, and comparative ads, with 60 participants. The results showed that consumers who saw No.1 ads understand and prefer the brand more than brand shown in comparative ads, and showed same level of awareness with comparative ads.
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