Community Support Activity for School-age Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and for Their Parents; Necessary Consideration and Challenges in Introductory Period

[Speaker] Nakamura, Maki:1
[Co-author] Shiroshita, Miki:2, Okajima, Sayaka:2, Furukawa, Misaki:3, Outo, Ena:4, Doi, Naoko:5, Muta, Ayumi:6
1:Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University (Japan), 2:Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University Counseling Center (Japan), 3:Nagasaki City Social Welfare Corp (Japan), 4:Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University Community Liaison Center (Japan), 5:Misakae no Sono Mutsumi no Ie (Japan), 6:Kokorogurumi Counseling Room (Japan)

In this study, we examine necessary consideration and challenges in introductory period on community support activity for school-age children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD; n=5) and for their parents (n=5). We practiced the group approach at attached facility of university once a month. The program of the group approach was consisted of games for developing interpersonal relationships between children, psycho-dramatic role playing for improving social skill. As for parents, we conducted interview to study their support-needs. We regard the first five sessions as introductory period and discussed the changes of children's social skill as well as the support-needs of parents. The main results were as follows: (1) the group approach should be consisted of multifaceted program for the assessment of children and emphasize developing interpersonal relationship between children as well; (2) therapists should support aspiration and anxiety parents have for their children, which grow with deepening recognition of their children.
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