Relationships between Prosodic Features of Speech Sound and Big-Five Personality impressions

[Speaker] Uchida, Teruhisa:1
1:National Center for University Entrance Examinations (Japan)

This study investigated the relationship between the prosodic features of speech and the impressions of the speaker's personality and speech-style. Prosodic features such as speech rate, intonation contours, and distinctness of vowels, were manipulated to synthesize the continua of speech stimuli. Participants who listened manipulated speech sounds evaluated the speaker's personality using the Big Five scale. The results indicated that each trait had a distinctive change pattern, while reversed U-shape patterns were their common characteristics. Each personality trait could be estimated with a quadratic regression equation. By integrating these five equations, the whole personality impression could be re-constructed. In conclusion, this combination model systematically describes the impression formation of speakers' personality. Therefore, implicit personality theory conveyed via speech might be expressed as a function of combined prosodic features. This procedure can be applied to synthesize speech sounds with artificial personalities.
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