How are social approach and avoidance motivation influenced by personal networks?

[Speaker] Souma, Toshihiko:1
1:Hiroshima University (Japan)

Previous studies show that fulfilling social approach and avoidance motivation independently enhances interpersonal relationship satisfaction. In what social circumstances does social motivation manifest? Studies on conflict and coping behavior assert that validation from personal networks is necessary to formulate avoidance motivation. I hypothesized that when individuals developed more personal networks with the same values as themselves, they would experience strong avoidance motivation. I surveyed 165 students concerning their relationships with friends; data collection occurred twice, six months apart. A multiple regression analysis revealed that the increasing size (Time 1 to Time 2) in a network with the same values as themselves boosted the network holders' avoidance motivation (Time 2), even after controlling for the default avoidance motivation level (Time 1). Moreover, the addition of a network with different values cultivated approach motivation. I concluded that both approach and avoidance motivation can be formulated within individuals' personal networks.
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