Relation between Psychological Violence Victimization by Intimate Partner and Annual Household Income or Status and Occupations

[Speaker] Matsui, Megumi:1
[Co-author] Miyamae, Junko:2, Takezawa, Midori:3, Ui, Miyoko:4, Terashima, Hitomi:5
1:Okayama University (Japan), 2:Kagawa University (Japan), 3:University of Toyama (Japan), 4:Tamagawa University (Japan), 5:Wayo Women's University (Japan)

This study examines the relation between psychological violence victimization and annual household income or status and occupations. Unmarried people between the ages of 18 and 29 (N = 391) completed an online survey regarding their experiences as victims of psychological violence by their intimate partner. Factor analysis of psychological violence victimization yielded nine factors. Rank correlation analyses showed that "restrain" negatively correlated with annual household income in males, while "anger being vented" negatively correlated in females. In the variance analysis of the two factors of "gender" and "status and occupations", it was shown that people without regular occupations experienced "restrain" and "invasion of privacy" more frequently, and that "anger being vented" could vary according to occupation and gender. These findings suggest that intimate partner violence is related to annual income and status.
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