The stigma of suicide among Japanese suicide bereaved: A preliminary report

[Speaker] Kawashima, Daisuke:1,3
[Co-author] Kawamoto, Shizuka:3, Shiraga, Keisuke:2,3, Kawano, Kenji:3
1:Chukyo University (Japan), 2:Joetsu University of Education (Japan), 3:Center for Suicide Prevention, NIHM, NCNP (Japan)

Introduction: Every year, since 1998, approximately 30,000 people die by suicide in Japan. Despite the increasing research evidence from Japan, there is still insufficient knowledge and research to support suicide survivors. Aims: This preliminary report demonstrates the relationship between suicide stigma and survivors' mental health, and explores the way of destigmatizing suicide. Methods: A total of 51 suicide survivors completed a questionnaire comprising items on stigma, mental health, social actions for suicide prevention, and other variables including demographic information. Results: As results, the stigma of suicide showed significant trends on deterioration of mental health, and related with social action for suicide prevention in a negative way. Further, participants who have attended support groups reported lower stigma than non-attendees. Discussions: The study revealed that the stigma of suicide may affect on survivors' mental health and their social actions. At the same time, attending support groups may facilitate destigmatization of suicide.
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