Examination of the Adlerian Constructs of Social Interest and Activity (Energy) Level among Korean Retirees: Meaning in Life as a Mediator

[Speaker] Shin, Heecheon:1
[Co-author] Eunha, Kim:1
1:Ajou University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

This study investigated whether a) the Adlerian construct of activity and social interest would be related to decreased depression and b) meaning in life would moderate the relationship such relations among Korean recent retirees. According to the Adlerian' Individual Psychology, activity refers to one's energy and passion and is characterized by extraversion, activeness, and openness to experience. The activity construct is distinct from activity level with the former being a personality trait and the latter being the level of actual engagement in activity. Social interest is the individuals' caring and empathetic attitude toward others. A total of 219 Korean retirees who had retired within the last three years participated in the study. The results indicated that activity and social interest had direct effects on depression and indirectly influenced depression through meaning in life. This poster will include implications of such results for clinical practice and future research.
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