IT-technologies for Emotional Intelligence Development in Russia and Kazakhstan

[Speaker] Kim, Alla:1
[Co-author] Khon, Natalya:2, Akhmetova, Jamilya:1, Kalymbetova, Elmira:1
1:al-Farabi KazNU (Kazakhstan), 2:Turan University (Kazakhstan)

The development of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a very important issue in modern psychology. Most of training procedures which have the goal of EI development are composed as a sequence of training sessions in a real conditions of communication of people in real groups. This format of work has its own advantages. There is one but large disadvantage of such kinds of groups - for some people it makes difficult to share his/her own problems in public. IT-technologies, or IT program provides opportunity to escape this barrier and train self-awareness or other parts of EI in private. Advantages and disadvantages of some Russian IT-programs are discussed. Most of them follow P.Ekman idea on emotion recognition. The novelty of a new IT-technology, which is being developed by our project team, consists of using reframing on the base of metaphors, images, fiction etc. as the program database.
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