Occupational stress of elite athletes

[Speaker] Klimova, Oksana A:1
[Co-author] Barabanshikova, Valentina V:1
1:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

Modern elite sport characterized by negative human functional states, because there is no any time for full recover of their psychological and physiological resources. All of these can lead to one or even more occupational deteriorations that will play important role in career determination from sport. The main aim of our research was to identify and analyze professional stress and main risk-factors, which will help skaters and their coaches to reduce decrease of performance state. The present study was performed with 81 elite figure skaters and their coaches (n=24). The result of our research demonstrates high level of deteriorations. Moreover, burnout, neurotic reactions and behavior risk-factors are impressed. Regression analyses showed that main predictors of burnout (R² = 0,418, p < 0,001) are depression, physiological discomfort and communication problems. Whereas, anxiety, aggression and asthenia are predictors of neurotic reactions (R² = 0,419, p < 0,001).
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