The impact of working patterns of mothers on the attitudes toward women's career-plan and gender-roles among Japanese university students

[Speaker] Ogino, Kayoko:1
1:Kanagawa University (Japan)

The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of a mother's working pattern on her child's attitude toward women's career-plan, gender-roles and independence among Japanese students.
165 (65 were male, 100 were female) university students completed questionnaires.
As a result, it was showed that the working patterns of mothers were related with gender-role attitudes, the egalitarian attitude was indicated the high score of full-time work, part-time work, housekeeping, in turn.
In addition, mother's working pattern affected on career-plan of female students and that of male students hoping for partners' in the future.
While independence had no relationship with working patterns of mothers, that had relationship with attitude toward women's career- plan.
Students who plans to work after childbearing showed higher 'self- care activity' of the independence scale, but who plans to quit their job showed higher
'parent-child relationship of trust' and 'cooperative human relationships'.
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