Driver Behavior at Railway Level Crossings. A Study Conducted within the Czech Republic.

[Speaker] Rymesova, Pavla:1
1:Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic)

Currently 8001 railway level crossings exist in the Czech Republic, where a high number of severe accidents occur each year. With a few exceptions the accidents are caused by drivers. As part of the research driver behavior was monitored at four types of railway level crossings and then further analyzed. The main focus was on those parameters of behavior that fulfill the requirements given in Act No. 361/2000 Coll., On Road Traffic, which lead to safe crossing of railway level crossings by slowing the vehicle down and looking both ways before entering the crossing. 400 drivers' behavior was analyzed. The research shows that drivers of motor vehicles tend to depend (in violation of the law) mainly on traffic control devices at railway level crossings. On the basis of the given findings we made a recommendation regarding one type of the surveyed level crossing.
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