Effects of Coaching for Supporting Safety Accreditation Assessment of Trucking Companies

[Speaker] Kobayashi, Yoshiaki:1
[Co-author] Nishigaki, Etsuyo:2
1:none (Japan), 2:Kansai Medical University (Japan)

To date, coaching has been utilized in the field of traffic safety for dealing with individuals. This study investigated the effects of coaching for supporting safety accreditation assessments of trucking companies. Clients selected from two trucking companies (N=7) received a maximum of eight coaching sessions during five months, aimed at facilitating their accreditation. Coaching was conducted by using techniques including asking powerful questions and giving acknowledgements. Perceptions of clients regarding progress, spontaneity, and anxiety were assessed at each session. Results indicated clients' perception of progress and spontaneity increased, whereas clients' perception of anxiety decreased, through coaching. The two companies successfully submitted application for accreditation and are expected to be accredited as having excellent safety standards. These results suggest that coaching could be an effective intervention for improving the total traffic safety behavior of transport companies. Future investigations with more participants would be needed to verify these results.
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