Difficulties, Needs, and Challenges of School-based Psychologists Services: A Perspective of Junior High School Counselors

[Speaker] Chen, Wan-chen:1
1:National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

To solve the predicament of school counseling and to effectively cope with the student psychological needs in middle school, "School-Based Psychologists Services" is the primary goal of this paper to promote professional counseling services.

Using semi-structured interviews, data was collected from 8 guidance workers in junior high schools. The data were transcribed, analyzed, and coded, and grounding theory methodology was used to construct the new working model.

Results showed two major themes in the narratives. The first theme involves school expectations toward psychologists, such as "guarantee," "trust" and even "halo effect" and "impressions of being indisputable" as a result of their "license" qualification. The second theme concerns cooperation and partnership between schools and psychologists. Approaches to cooperation models can be divided into professional competition and specialized division of labor; and partnership can be divided into rank relationship such as unequal status and power, and equal status and relations.
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