Relation between non-driving-related activities and driving behaviors of Japanese drivers

[Speaker] Nakano, Yukako:1
[Co-author] Okamura, Kazuko:1, Kosuge, Ritsu:1, Kihira, Makoto:1, Fujita, Goro:1
1:National Research Institute of Police Science (Japan)

Non-driving-related activities (e.g., texting) and mind wandering (inner thoughts) during driving are major causes of traffic accidents. The present study focused on non-driving-related activities to determine whether these activities relate to the drivers' driving behaviors tendency and their frequency of attention-related errors.
We conducted questionnaire survey on 264 drivers at a Driver and Vehicle License Center in Kanto region, Japan. They reported anonymously about the frequency of non-driving-related activities, attention-related errors, several measures of driving styles and demographic information.
According to the results, chatting with passengers, adjusting in-vehicle system, eating were determined as the major frequent non-driving-related activities. Additionally, results indicated the drivers' tendencies about rule violation, speeding, inattention and fatigue are positively associated with the frequency of some of the non-driving activities and the frequency of attention-related errors. Implications for intervention to prevent driver inattention or distracted driving were discussed.
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