Risk assessment of traffic accidents of Japanese police officers on duty

[Speaker] Kosuge, Ritsu:1
[Co-author] Okamura, Kazuko:1, Kihira, Makoto:1, Nakano, Yukako:1, Fujita, Goro:1
1:National Research Institute of Police Science (Japan)

On average, 74 police officers on duty are injured or killed in traffic-related accidents every year in Japan. Among these accidents, serious accidents resulting in fatalities or severe injuries account for about 30%. First, reports of police officers' accidents on duty during the last 5 years were used to examine high-risk police activities (e.g. controlling traffic at the accident site). The relative risks of serious accidents as compared with the other accidents were examined in terms of the police activities. Second, we conducted a nationwide questionnaire survey. Approximately 300 police officers assessed the risk of each activity. Finally, the actual relative risks of traffic accidents were compared with the subjective risk assessments made by police officers. The characteristics of the police officers' risk assessment and the activities for which the police officers underestimated the risk were identified. Possible measures for the prevention of traffic-related accidents of police officers were discussed.
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