The decline of Useful Field of View(UFOV) as a function of aging in commercial driver

[Speaker] Kim, Sujin:1
[Co-author] Lee, Suran:2, Rim, Hyebin:3, Sohn, Young Woo:1
1:YONSEI UNIVERSITY (Korea(Republic of Korea)), 2:BAEKSEOK UNIVERSITY (Korea(Republic of Korea)), 3:KWANGWOON UNIVERSITY (Korea(Republic of Korea))

UFOV(Useful Field of View) refers to a visual area in which information can be extracted within one eye fixation. Previous research has indicated that the critical causes of accidents while driving for older adults are the diminution of UFOV and the impairment of visual related function. The goal of this study was to investigate whether older commercial drivers would show more UFOV declines than youngers. Total of 304 commercial bus/cab drivers, ages between 28 and 77, participated in this study and completed a newly developed UFOV test. The results showed that regardless of the difficulty levels of tasks, the accuracy in the target detection task decreased as driver age increased (level A: β= -.21, p<.001 / level B: β= -.38, p<.001). This study indicated UFOV decline relates to age even among commercial drivers.
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