The Effect of Experience with using Different Modes of Transport on the Risk of Traffic Accidents : From the Viewpoint of Licence Possession Status

[Speaker] Nakai, Hiroshi:1
[Co-author] Usui, Shinnosuke:2

Concerning Road accidents between different modes of transport, it is important to consider the other side's perspective. This involves the ability to correctly judge, for every given situation, how other road users perceive their surroundings and what they intend to do next. We conducted the study assuming that this kind of ability to consider perspectives is higher when the person is licenced to drive the mode of transport used by the other party. We reviewed 875 ordinary first-class licence practical test examinees, categorised them according to their licence possession status (motorcycle licence, moped licence, or no licence), and made a category-wise comparison of the test instructor's assessment of their ability to make a left turn. The results showed that those who had a motorcycle or moped licence tended to make a left turn more safely.
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