The Relationship Between Motivation and Life Satisfaction of Older Drivers : Mediating Effects of Mobility and Affectivity

[Speaker] Joo, Mijung:1
[Co-author] Lee, Jaesik:1
1:Pusan National University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

The positive relationship between older driver's mobility and life satisfaction is well established. This study showed that this relationship can be changed by older drivers' motivation, aspects of mobility, and affectivity. Specifically, this study examined whether aspects of mobility(amount of driving measured by travel distance and time: 'AD' or amount of driving for social activity: 'DSA') can be differed as a function of approach/avoidance motivation(BAS/BIS) and positive/negative affect(PA/NA) mediate the relationship between the aspects of mobility and life satisfaction. The results can be summarized as followings. First, the older driver's BAS was found to be positively related to DSA, but BIS was negatively to AD. In particular, DSA positively mediated the relationship between BAS and PA. Second, PA, in turn, positively mediated the relationship between DSA and life satisfaction. The results can provide useful insights to understand the relationship between older driver's driving property, motivation, affectivity and life satisfaction.
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