The Relationship between Children's Attitudes to Drawings and Free Descriptions of Questionnaire

[Speaker] Hagiuda, Nobuko:1
[Co-author] Kozawa, Motohiro:1
1:Saitama University (Japan)

We have been collecting drawings for over three years which children drew at the time of the extracurricular morning activities of two elementary schools in Saitama. These extracurricular activities are carried out in 15 minutes on every Tuesday. Every end of the school year we asked all the children to fill in the questionnaire and comment about drawing activities. We pursued children's change of drawings and their comments in vertical section. Based on the reaction pattern to a questionnaire, we could classify the change of children's attitudes to drawing activities into several types. Generally, children became negative toward drawing activities as they become upper classes. Then we analyzed these comments written by children by using the method of textmining and investigated about the relation between the pattern of the change of children's attitude toward drawing activities and the contents of these comments. As a result, some features became clear.
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