Development and Validity of a Dimension-Based Assessment Center: Does Exercise Similarity Breed Validity?

[Speaker] Yazar, Yagizhan:1
[Co-author] Sumer, H. Canan:1
1:Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

An assessment center (AC) is a systematic means to evaluate a wide range of competencies using multiple assessment methods to make a variety of employment decisions, such as selection, promotion and career management. The present study aimed to develop a dimension-based AC to identify employees with high managerial potential. The AC comprised of five exercises (e.g., leaderless group discussion and make-a-brochure) and assessed eight dimensions of performance (e.g., leading and inquisitiveness). The sample consisted of 65 white-collar employees working in a large manufacturing firm in automotive industry in Turkey. In order to examine convergent and divergent validity, Campbell and Fiske's (1959) multitrait-multimethod (MTMM) matrix approach was utilized. Results provided partial support for the construct validity of the AC ratings. However, consistent with the findings of a recent study by Wirz, Melchers, Schultheiss, and Kleinmann (2014), similar exercises were better at yielding construct validity evidence.
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